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Podcast 36:Using Hypnosis with Children to Address Mental, Emotional, and Physical Challenges with Pediatrician and author Ran Anbar

October 26, 2021

Dr. Ran Anbar from Center Point Medicine joins us for Episode 36: Using Hypnosis with Children to Address Mental, Emotional and Physical Challenges.  Dr. Anbar, MD, FAAP is board certified in both pediatric pulmonology and general pediatrics, offering hypnosis and counseling services at Center Point Medicine in La Jolla, California and Syracuse, New York. He is a leader in clinical hypnosis and has successfully treated over 5,000 children for a vast variety of conditions.  He details his extensive experience with hypnosis in his new book Changing Children’s Lives with Hypnosis: A Journey to the Center available for pre-order on Amazon today.


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