The Mainspring Family Wellness Podcast

Episode 45: Men & Marriage, The Other Half of the Conversation

May 11, 2022

Episode 45 of the Mainspring Family Wellness Podcast is a riveting discussion around men and marriage with Quentin Hafner, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist practicing in Newport Beach, and the particular challenges of a modern marriage from a male perspective.  The conversation touches upon the impact of a traditional male upbringing, cultural depictions of men, gender differences in communication styles, and the presence of shame in marriage and fatherhood.


Episode 45

Men & Marriage, The Other Half of the Conversation



[About Quentin Hafner, his personal life and his work as a licensed marriage and family therapist]



[Explanation on common challenges men face in marriages]



[Discussion on the generational evolution of what it means to be a husband]



[Discussion on the role of gender biases as it relates to a marriage]



[Discussion around communication styles and the difficulty men have connecting with spouses on an emotional level]



[Discussion on male archetypes present in communication styles]



[Discussion around distraction as a coping mechanism and the lack of emotional learning in childhood]



[Definition of the term “high-value husband”]



[More conversation around the gender divide within communication styles and how to work around those differences]



[Discussion on vulnerability as a conduit for connection and more productive conversations]



[Conversation around the presence of shame in men when it comes to parenting and relationships]



[Discussion on conversation dynamics and tools for effective communication]



[Conversation on how the culture of men is depicted in public arenas and the media]



[Conversation around the need to be more thoughtful about the current societal pressures of being a man]



[Promotion of Quentin’s subscription services for men, a therapy resource for men]



[Conversation close with Quentin]



[Summary of takeaways with Jenna & Kristen]


GUEST: Quentin Hafner


Quentin Hafner is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in private practice in Orange County, CA where he specializes in helping people find solutions to life's challenges that result in more personal & professional fulfillment. In particular, Quentin loves working with men in the context of couples therapy to help them discover their hidden potential to be better Dads & better Husbands.

In 2018, Quentin wrote and published an #1 best-selling marriage book Black Belt Husbands to help husbands solve challenges in their marriages.

Quentin is happily married and a father of two young boys, Levi & Samuel. In his spare time, he trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, loves to surf, go camping, and trail running in the most incredible nature preserves in Orange County.


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